Monday, May 31, 2010

Tender Lavenders

Tender Lavenders 
Encapsulate nostalgia
Smells like Gran' spirit

That time I was drunk
Tender Lavenders- the blog
Seemed a good idea.

Tender Lavenders
Sounds aesthetically pleasing
Yes, indeed it rhymes.

Tender Lavenders
because I suffer lack of


I hope you know that it is very difficult to think of a blog name. I wanted it to convey my soul, the very essence of me! Parfum de Elizabeth, as it were. (Though, really, the image of me distilled into a bottle is decidedly un-charming. I wouldn't want to buy perfume me.) I know, I ramble, I'm sorry. 

But alas, lack of sleep+lack of caffeine+lack of lipstick+lack of imagination does not a perfect blog name make.

It's growing on me though. Tender Lavender rhymes!, and it sounds vaguely nostalgic and reminds me of grannies and teabags and old books about the meaning of flowers (Incidentally, lavender means devotion which is not hugely appropriate because I'm more of the jump around and latch to new things kind of person, but..) and my sister likes to say I'm an old soul trapped in a freakishly young body.

Anyway, thanks to the democratization of media, rise of consumer journalism blahblahblah, I am now able to inflict my 'bypasses brain' rambling to an unsuspecting public (that does not know of or probably will ever know of this little corner of cyberspace). This rambling will primarily consist of crazed pagan homages to fashion gods, random badly-taken pictures, excited monologues about new loves/books/buys/wants, being sad about my non-existent budget and in general, fun and happiness! (: (: It shall mostly be for me, though, to document my great hair, force myself to expand my reality and learn more about art and film and photography and graphics-computery type things, and fashion, and learn to care less about the size of my bum and hips and things like that. And because I've been thinking about doing this for two years and I'm an extremely good procrastinator. And for posterity, because yes, my future children will be very interested in their mother at seventeen.

Header picture is by Beijing-based artist Zhou Fan, and I chose it because I love the Hayao Miyazaki-reminiscent faded colours and surrealism.

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